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It is noteworthy, of course, that the GOP - in charge of both chambers of Congress - has taken so long to achieve a substantive win.For my part, I’m delighted for the couples who will take their vows today and I wish them every happiness.After writing a series of articles on the subject and its implications for continued aid from the West, I'd like to highlight a chilling event that happened earlier this week which dramatically underscores my point.In early December, a political disagreement got very nasty. Scott Taylor, a former Navy Seal and now congressman from Virginia. Electrico had once believed he was going to live forever. The Fat Lady had been the first to go, back when they were both still on the road. Those wheezy lungs had kept them both too focused on the future, short though it was, to enjoy wandering through the past. Electrico was never quite sure exactly what had happened to him. When he showed up for the memorial service, the relatives wouldn’t even look him in the eye. OK, so the hand which had once held the sword shook, and during the night, he often had to get up half a dozen times to piss, and when he woke in the morning, sometimes–not always, but sometimes–he wasn’t sure where he was. But there was one face which stood out from all the rest. Or was that last but a lie he’d told, the kind of thing you cough up to a rube to keep them happy and empty their pockets? Splitting from an abusive household could be a good thing, sure, Mr. He kept waiting for the kid to ask him, too, ask for help in running away, the way he himself had once asked for help from another who’d earlier carried his name. He hadn’t even been able to bring himself to nap while there, only listen to the crickets and look at the stars, both those present that night and those which existed only in memory.

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I relish the unique nature of civil partnerships — the idea that, for once, gay couples have something that is theirs and theirs alone since straight couples cannot, of course, have civil partnerships.

When it comes to President Trump's big tax plan, Democrats are worried — not that it will fail but that it will succeed, igniting the U. economy and providing so much economic growth that all those low-information voters out there will see the leftist scare talk of the last 25 years has been complete rubbish.

“Men have a much higher success rate [in finding love] and a much broader selection, since they can choose someone from a lower social group,” said Chen, whose family controls a Chengdu property and hotel empire.… continue reading »

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Recent history demonstrates how quickly this type of prejudice can lead to institutional discrimination.… continue reading »

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