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Indra picked up his deadly thunderbolt, mounted his white elephant named Airavata and made off in search of Hanuman, seeking to restrain his seeming impudence.The clouds rumbled and lightning thundered across the vast skies in an expression of Indra's wrath.But neither this scary scenario, nor the mightily armed Indra on his high mount, was sufficient enough to induce even a trace of fear in the heart of Hanuman.On the contrary, the spectacle only served to fuel his excitement and mistaking Airavata for a toy, he made a grab for the pachyderm, seized its trunk and leapt on its back.The sight of his beloved son lying helpless in his arms infuriated the wind-god.He drew in a mighty breath and sucked away all the air from the cosmos. The gods, realizing their folly, went in unison to Vayu and asked for his forgiveness.

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Having become a master of all that he set out to learn, it was now time for Hanuman to pay for his education (guru-dakshina).

There was no question of Shiva's potent discharge resulting in an offspring less than extraordinary and the child conceived under such exceptional circumstances was bound to be especial, and so it was.

The resulting bundle of joy was none other than Hanuman, one of the most celebrated and worshipped figures in Indian thought. The first was that unlike ordinary children, Hanuman was born wearing a loincloth.

Hanuman was restless, spirited, energetic and inquisitive.

He was obviously endowed with awesome strength and the scriptures abound in tales expounding on his remarkable feats.Mistaking him to be a worm, the restless Hanuman dashed towards Rahu and attempted to catch hold of him.